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01 August 2008 @ 12:54 am
 Hi! I'm new and I'm trying to lose some weight for school.
I'm going to be 15 in less than three weeks. I go to a military school, so it is important for me to be in shape.
I'm trying to get down to 115-120. I'm 5'4" and weigh 141 right now. I've already lost 25 pounds!
I'm feeling confident already!
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30 May 2008 @ 10:36 pm
 Today was really good had like 2 crackers and a cup of tea for breakfeast and later on i did 3 hours at the gym. 
But seriously i just wanna die but i dont wanna die a fat blip I hate the way i look  and my thighs are disgusting  errrr
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11 May 2008 @ 10:09 pm
Has anybody ever kick-started their weight loss efforts with a boot camp style?
What do you do? I've been off track of healthy eating for awhile (although luckily I didn't gain any weight) and I wanna revamp my efforts.
21 April 2008 @ 02:15 pm
I'm new :D i am going to be 17 soon and i need to loose weight. I've been pretty much overweight all my life. Last year i was on my school lacrosse team and i lost a lot of weight as a result of 3 hr practices every day. This year i took two advance placement classes, AP Physics and AP American history, and am stressed out as hell. I had to leave the team. I had not time for exercise or anything; i just sat there studying for hours barely got any sleep. As a result i i regained everything i lost last year in the form of body fat which is not good. I need to lose it all again and stay that way. I also realized that i am addicted to sugar. I  can eat sweets forever with out eating meat or anything. This is my weak spot. I am going to exercise every day an stop eating sweets. IF any one has any tips, i will greatly appreciate them.
21 April 2008 @ 11:23 am
Current weight: 129.4

I have been craving pasta  and cake this past week. I have been avoiding eating pasta and starting to eat clean again today. Eating Clean actually became a habit and is much easier than I thought. I have been eating clean for 2 months (no processed/ junk/pasta/nothing canned-- just anything streamed, boiled, raw). I lost 12 pounds on it, but I hit a plateau because of lack variety and I should have been eating more. I have been eating too much of pasta/ junk this past week. Now, I will start eating clean again for 2 months, but of course eat more and change things up a bit. Losing 12 pounds is all I need before summer, but I know eliminating all junk food will make me much leaner, toned so my abs (as well as the rest of my body) will be much more defined.  I have 11 more weeks of hard work; I will lose 10-12 pounds by then AND I will be toned.

But, somehow I broke my plateau past week and lost 2 pounds!!!! The challenge that I created for my sparkpeople teams helped!!  I'm glad I'm moving towards my goal weight. Hope everyone is doing well! :)

Have a great workout!
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20 April 2008 @ 11:56 pm
What kind of foods do you crave? Do you give in? Or can you prevent them? What do you do...

My week started out great, but by Wednesday night to Saturday night I did not follow my usual healthy eating habits. The weird thing is, I feel sick the mornings after! Like my body actually gets physically sick if I don't eat properly? man lol

My indulgences included lots of cake, chocolate, ice cream, and chinese food over those days. Hey, it was my birthday though haha in my mind I felt I shouldn't let it get to me just because of that.

I was able to start over today with healthy eating though. I was 130.5 Thursday morning, but now I think I'm back to 132. That means I'm the same as last week. At least it's not higher, that's what keeps me happy!

On that happy note, I'm motivated to exercise harder this week! Everyone can be strong!
13 April 2008 @ 11:36 pm

I did really well this past week! I completely cut out all diet soda (I never drank regular soda anyway) and sweets (except for today, we had an early celebration for my birthday so I had half a piece of chocolate cheesecake)!

Here are my approximate calorie totals:
Monday- 1250
Tuesday- 1250
Wednesday- 1450
Thursday- 1300
Friday- 1350
Saturday- 1400
Sunday- 1700

I exercised at the gym Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Tuesday and Saturday I did a Jillian Michaels DVD. Today was a rest day. At the gym, I got myself to run at 5.7 for 10 minutes straight (I stay on the treadmill 30 mins, but I always go up and down in speed, so I was trying to push myself out of my comfort zone). I'm not sure, does 5.7 translate to mph or is it just the treadmill setting?
At the end of the week, I started on the stair-stepper at level 11 for 25 mins on the random interval setting (out of levels 1-20). I wouldn't think it was as tough as running, but I felt my heartrate go up and I was breaking a sweat within 5 minutes! haha I was surprised! And as usual, weight training, but only about 15-20 minutes.

I weigh myself in the mornings, and last week on Monday I started out at 135. This morning I was 132.5
I was consistent at 133 for a couple mornings, but I don't mind, as long as it doesn't go back up! haha My goal for next week is to get under 130. If that means 129.5 then so be it! I haven't been able to stay consistantly below 129 in about three years.

For some reason, I feel a lot more confident with my efforts knowing the people in this community are willing to put in hard work and actually eat right and exercise as opposed to taking drastic measures such as barely eating. How was everybody's week? :)

12 April 2008 @ 02:57 pm
Hey everyone!


I have been crazy busy this week. I have been unpacking/ cleaning my new house.  I have been trying to continue with the challenge I posted a few days ago. I'm a leading of 4 teams on sparkpeople and we all have been working out to burn some extra calories before summer. I just wanted to share one of our challenges with you all on this board, which is already posted. If anyone is on sparkpeople.com, let me know.

As for my progress, I think I hit a plateau this week. I have to change up my workout. I'm not sure why I keep staying between 130-131.6. I have been working out intense... I think I need to increase my daily caloric intake; the more I eat, the more I lose apparently. I moved up from 1220- 1400 calories to 1500-1600 calories.

Also, I have read that when you increase your work outs, your body is holding on to your weight and if you keep going, your body will be experiencing something known as "free fall", which is when your body suddenly lets go of all the weight that it has holding and the weight comes off. I have just have to keep doing the Total Body Makeover program. I have about 12 more weeks on this program and I will continue to work out and hopefully I will lose my last 10 pounds at the end. The Total Body Makeover book by Bob Greene said that the "free fall" occurs depending on the person. I hope it happens soon; I'm getting frustrated and discouraged, but I should stay away from the scale for a week or so. Has anyone tried this workout program?

I'm also going to include some taebo next week as well as continue with my Biggest Loser Cardio Max and Power sculpt Workout Dvds. 

Good luck everyone on your weight loss!
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12 April 2008 @ 02:22 pm
Hey, just a quick hello message to say that I'm new here!

I'm Lyndsay, 22 from the UK! Trying to loose a bit of weight for my holiday in June, and just generally looking to shape up and get fit.

I put on 2 stone (28lbs) when I first got together with my boyfriend two years ago, guess I just got comfortable - like we all do! But now I want to get back to my old self, I've already lost about half of that weight so I'm working on the second half... which seems almost impossible to shift!

At the moment I'm calorie counting (max 1200 a day) and running two to three times a week.

Looking for any support/help you guys can offer me and I will do my best to do the same! :)
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hey guys. a little bit ago i posted about my habitual snacking and how it was sabotaging my work at the gym. i took a lot of your advice and started spreading out my meals better, eating higher in protein, and just generally trying to pick healthy foods over crappy ones (the 100 cal packs.) Anyway, what I have noticed is....along with my incessant snacking, I just have this habit of....constantly wanting to pick up food and eat it. Do you get what I mean? Even when I'm not hungry, I half way convince myself I am, or I just think "I deserve it!" or something silly along those lines. My mom always used to talk about her struggle with "food addiction." I thought she was crazy,but now that i am trying to buckle down I kind of get what she means. It's like I am just attached to food. I always used to think that, if someone is serious about losing weight then no biggie- just cut down on the food and the types of food you eat, and exercise. Well for me, cutting down on food is so hard lately, even if i am FULL. that is the problem. I feel like I must be crazy because seriously what could be so difficult about putting down a piece of food when you're full? You just DON'T do it, right? Well I guess if it was that easy for me I would never be here in the first place. I don't really "eat my emotions" but I do eat out of boredom before bed. I'm trying to think of ways to stop, so far I've been trying to drink a lot of water when I get a boredom craving. Also, usually I'm out in the living room for a good few hours before I go to bed, which is when I start this boredom snacking (or even full meals! Wtf!) so maybe the first instant I get a craving, I should just move my butt to my room. That way I wont be in the living room which is very accessible to the kitchen. Does anyone have any other ideas, or did they share this same problem? I know it's because I have been so conditioned and set in my ways of eating when I don't need it, and over eating. I used to have two dinners when I was in middle school- one at the regular time for supper an then a tv dinner or lean cuisine or WHATEVER later, right before bed. I have a lot of problems eating before bed/ waking up int he middle of the night and eating (still, when I'm not even hungry. It's literally like I will wake up in bed at 3am and a thought bubble will appear that says, "Waffles! Chips!" It is so aggrivating...) So yes, please offer me any tips if you have struggled with this. I know it is about willpower, but I kind of do see it as an addiction (for me) out of boredom. It boggles my mind, and makes me really angry since I know I do not need the extra food, and you'd think if I knew that, then I would just stop...Anyway, I think I'm going to try my idea where I go into my room earlier than usual, instead of staying in the living room, eating a snack, then going to my bedroom. It will also probably make it so that I go to sleep earlier too, which is definitely good.