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31 March 2009 @ 08:16 pm
Hi, I'm Paris + I'm new here.
I left school about 3yrs ago at the age of twelve, and progressively started to get bigger and bigger until i became rather bigger. I'm now fifteen and a uk size sixteen/eighteen.
Its really getting me down, as i used to walk everyday about 1 mile, and now i barely do anything.
Its got so bad that i was actually thinking about becoming bullimic/taking laxatives, i've decided that i can make it throught this and lose weight properly.
I just feel as if I have no sense of control over what I eat, and am constantly hungry.
My mother does the low GI diet, and while it works for her(she lost three stone) I dont like half the stuff they make you eat.
I eat healthy most of the time, take my dog out for walks every couple of days and do pilates once a week, but my downfall is chocolate, and as I'm hometaught I basically eat as I have nothing else to do, and I cant ask my parents to quit buying chocolate as I have a perfectly healthy five year old brother, and I dont want him not to be able to eat treats because of me. My stepsister is a size zero, and she constantly snarks about my weight.
I just want to lose weight, and become at least a size twelve/ten. I am seriously depressed about my weight.
can anyone give me any help on how to lose weight fast? as my mother is getting married in june and I really want to be in shape for then.
please reply x
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chewingcotton90 on January 4th, 2010 01:12 pm (UTC)
Hello im Lisa and im in a similiar situtation as you
I'm 15 and 165lbs at 5ft 7 after gaining 20lbs
If you every want to chat just talk to me :)